Best Board Games Online

I know it’s been an unusual year of quarantine and quarantini’s — because of COVID-19, however this has not stopped the playfulness of the gaming community. Wanna know how I know?

Because there are plenty of board games <> online games = board games that have been simulated and turned into online versions that KICK BUTT, and in this article **I will give you 5 excellent board games you can play ONLINE**.

It’s not that this has been a SECRET so much as if your friends or groups doesn’t know about – it’s just not that easy to discover… so lo and behold — here we go!

1. Codenames

This family friendly board game works pretty well in the online format – so knock yourself out with your friends or family. Easily accommodates 4, and you could go up to 8+ so a good social ‘outing.’


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Codenames board game


2. Cards Against Humanity

I daresay if you haven’t heard of CAH, then you *might* live under a rock. Super fun game for anyone, and there is even a “family-friendly” version that you can play online.


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Cards Against Humanity


3. Avalon

I definitely mention Avalon in my post on top social deduction games, but this is going to come with a WARNING: if you are highly addicted to games, beware of Avalon online. There’s really nothing like has consumed MANY of my leisure hours during this pandemic.


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Avalon social deduction game


4. Werewolf

I love this social deduction game, it’s probably my all-time favorite just because in my opinion, there’s a high emphasis put on just reading people. Yes, there are roles, and mechanics, of course, but I still think this is the purest social deception game out there, created my Ted Alspach.

There is no “online version” for WW because the equivalent is playing the game on Zoom. The game IS werewolf players + Moderator on Zoom, and it translates extremely well. It can result in hours of endless werewolf hunting and fun. I should know 🙂

But of course, since this is the online era – someone created this cool app on Heroku where you can build your Village and easily dole our roles. Players add themselves and receive their role easily which is a big time saver and allows for more playing!

App for setting up Villages in Werewolf –

Also, since Bezier’s Ultimate Werewolf was published in 2008, it’s time for an update right?

The Ultimate Werewolf Extreme version, which was released on Kickstarter a few days, was funded in 18 minutes!!! This new game will have 84 role cards + 30 Bonus roles, and a WHOLE LOT more including a 200 page strategy guide, card sleeves, player certificates and even game miniatures in the Super Collector’s Edition.

For an overview of the game, read my Ultimate Werewolf review, and you can check out the game here.


Werewolf social deduction game


5. Just One

Saving the best for last, sort of, as I am a BIG fan of all the board games and cards listed above, however, I think for a small or large group (as 12 people or 4 people can play Just One), this is a GREAT find. Also, as I mention in another article, Just One, won the Game of the Year Award in 2019, and now you can play for free!


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Just One