11 Best Party Games of Our Time

Everyone loves a good party game with friends, right? That’s why we’re bringing you our Best Party Games which is one of our favorite ways for groups to have a fun and memorable evening. Wine & Cheese? Thanksgiving leftovers? Playing party games is a great way to unwind on a Friday or Saturday night, and celebrate the end of a work week by having a blast with friends.

1 – Cards Against Humanity

Ever since this game launched 7 years ago in 2011, nothing has come close to toppling its hold as being the #1 Party Game of our time. For such a simple game, this is a must play if you’ve never played. Brace yourself for some truly offensive cards and concepts, as literally nothing is off-limits. Yet, everyone I know has a copy in their home. The designers were upfront as the game really is CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

2 – What Do You Meme?

A fabulous and instantaneously fun game that was introduced to me last Thanksgiving. This is probably my favorite party game. The concept is similar to Card Against Humanity except instead of reading a prompt card, the active player displays a MEME and players choose a card from their hand that they believe best fits the MEME and that player’s sense of humor.

3 – Just One

Just One is one of the tamer party games on this list. Fun and creative, and perfect for a big group, the active player selects a word on a card that only the group can see, e.g. window or Tokyo. Each player writes down one word on a dry erase board as a clue to give the guesser. If any players write the same word as another player, that clues cannot be used! Super engaging for all.

4 – LCR

Left, Center, Right, or LCR is an epic party game, though should only be brought out on special occasions. Players may use chips, though dollar bills up the ante, as players roll dice that dictate where their chips/money go. To the player to the left, to the player to the right, or to the center of the table. The Last Man standing (that rolls a center) wins the pot.  Trust me, a few games of LCR and the memories will be with you forever.

5 – Telestrations After Dark

A big hit for USAopoly, Telestrations after Dark is a slightly more inappropriate version compared to the classic version of Telestrations. A modern take and naughty twist on the game we all know and love, Telephone, Telestrations After Dark makes for a fun evening of drawing, guessing, drawing, and guessing, using both your left and right brain.

6 – Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples preceded Cards Against Humanity, and is still one of the most popular Classic Party Games out there, and one the whole family can enjoy. How well do you know your friend/sibling/significant other? The Moderator for the round selects a card and players must select a card from their hand that they think best matches the card played, e.g. the card could say ‘Popular’ with the adjectives well-liked, accepted, and preferred underneath. Great for those who are emotionally tuned in.

7 – Pictionary

A classic game that may never go out of style, possibly why it was played in the movie partially about board games – GAME NIGHT! – and why so many other games (e.g. Telestrations and Celebrity) are partially based on the mechanics in this party game. Also, why is it so hard to draw? Part of what makes this game so fun is the creative ways and devices that players come up with when attempting to get their team to guess the hidden word. An absolutely winner of a party game – let’s bring this Classic back!

8 – Wits & Wagers

Though this game was initially released in 2005 and won the Mensa Select Award as well as Board Game Geek’s Party Game of the Year in 2007, it’s still remained under the radar. Of all the games on our Best Party Games list, Wits & Wagers is the most intellectually stimulating game. While the other games require more pop culture and social awareness, Wits & Wagers is a betting, numbers, and guessing game, unless you happen to know many obscure facts, most of which are numbers. Players guess, and then bet on their or other player’s guesses with tokens.

9 – Head’s Up

This is basically Taboo inverted on your phone. Except that you place your phone on your forehead while playing, thus why it’s called Head’s Up. Once you download the app, you can choose certain categories and the player’s around you provide clues about what the word or movie or phrase on your head (e.g. on your phone) is without saying the word. Some are really challenging – the player or team with the most guesses right wins! If you don’t have an iOS, you can buy the more traditional version.

10 – Celebrity

There’s nothing needed for purchase outside of pen and paper to play this infamous game. Players take 5-10 pieces of paper and write down famous people, e.g. celebrities, on each piece. The pieces are then folded up and placed in a bowl. Players form 2 teams and try to get their team to guess as many celebrities as they can in 1 minute. In the 1st round, players say a phrase describing the celebrity. Once all the pieces of paper are completed, they go back in the bowl for the 2nd round. Now players can now only use 1 word to describe the celebrity. For the 3rd and final round, no sounds or words are used, and only gestures are allowed. It’s great fun.

11 – Quiplash

An uber fun game, today I save the best for last. This is one you play on screens and is yet another take on saying, choosing, and creating fun phrases given a prompt for other people to laugh, giggle, and vote on BUT using a TV screen and your phones to play! A super engaging, fun, and easy to play, all you have to do is go to Jackbox.TV on your phone, assuming someone has purchased the application, and begin a new game! A huge hit, for $9.99 you will get hours of entertainment and fun!

Quiplash example - A double rainbow doesn't have gold at the end of the rainbow at the end of it. It has ___