For the Love of the Game – A Book for Board Game Lovers

As consumers, we often get the end product. The packaged good.

While I love my new shirt, phone, television show, or board game, we often miss out on the process of how these products are created, and what goes on behind the scenes. Of course, every now and again, we see how things are done, like when we watch a Youtube video on how to make really good mac and cheese, or salad dressing, and are able to gain insight into the process.

For board game aficionado’s out there, if you haven’t already heard, Erin Dean, a rising talent in the industry, raised over 50k in her Kickstarter Campaign for her appropriately titled new book, For the Love of Board Games – A Book for Board Game Lovers, that sheds light on the inner workings of the top board game designers in the field, which will be released in December 2018.

“A book that explores how modern, popular games were created by interviewing the designers.”

book with 4 animated guys playing a game on coverDean interviews over 50 of the most innovative game designers of our time including Mat Leacock of Pandemic, Ted Alspach of Suburbia, and all the Werewolf iterations, Seiji Kanai of the epic Love Letter game, and creator of games in my favorite genre,  social deduction, designer Don Eskridge of Resistance and Avalon. 

What about games like Hanabi, 7 Wonders, Sushi Go, Gloomhaven, Century: Spice Road, Concordia, Brass: Lancashire, Coloretto, and Jaipur? We are truly talking about – or to rather – some of the most influential and talented game designers of our time, each interviewed by Dean.

For the Love of Board Games, will not only reveal insights regarding the process around conceiving and designing a game, but will share the stories and motivations behind some of the games that have captured gamers for over a decade. Oh and if this isn’t enough, Erin also created a board game documentary on YouTube called The Board Game Boom that has gotten quite a bit of press and user engagement.

For a sample chapter of the book, offered on her Kickstarter Campaign page, click here.