Where to Buy Board Games

A common query is where to buy board games?

Especially now during our 2020 quarantine, board game playing has spiked as it’s a fun activity to do with friends and family indoors. While many board games can be played online, there’s also something memorable and tangible about physically playing the game, plus it’s nice to take a break from being online, e.g. it’s a digital escape and reprieve.

So — I have the answer for your question of where can you buy board games? Below, I have listed the top places you can buy board games (online or in person/pick up) based on their broad selections, accessibility of their websites, and buying experience/user experience.

1. Amazon (online only)

Amazon is a huge resource for almost everything these days, and that does not exclude the board game category. Easy to search and purchase, with great delivery and a strong refund and damage policy, top games on Amazon include:

Settlers of Catan (the board game that put this burgeoning leisure time activity back on the map in the US)

Monopoly (a classic.. better to buy than rent, yeah?)

Giant Uno

Codenames (perennial, now)

Guess Who

Connect Four


Azul (this is the newest, hottest, and trendiest board game on the list)

Battleship (another classic..we all have memories and nostalgia over this one)

2. Barnes & Noble (online & in-store)

I really like that you can browse and buy BOOKS and GAMES in one place as well as gifts, journals, and I do like the selection in most of the B+N’s that I’ve visited. Most stores have a wide range of strategy games, card games, kids games, and family games, as well as other specific branded games such as Star Wars Monopoly, Back to the Future, Bob’s Burgers and a lot more. 

3. Target (online & in-store)

The great thing about Target is that you shop there anyway – so just add some entertainment a la games to your TP and PT, right? This retailer has an impressive selection of board games, and I do like the way they break down their categories of games which include ‘New Board Games,’ ‘Exclusive Board Games,’ and ‘Board Games under $15.’

Looking for the new Frozen or Pac-Man board game – look no further as we have a winner!

4. Walmart (online & in-store)

If there is a Walmart near you, this is an easy stop or order as they will have a decent variety of board games for adults, families, and kids. They won’t have as many of the hip, and latest and greatest strategy games or best social deduction games that I review (see local game shops below), but for classic and popular board games, they have a large assortment. 

5. Best Buy (online & in-store)

Similar to my plug for Barnes & Nobles, with 2-in-1 shopping for books, if you are shopping for some wireless ear buds, you might use your free hand to grab Jenga or Clue because why not?!!

6. Local Game Shops

Your local game shop is probably happy to take your business, so a quick google search for a board game store near you could go a long way. We also offer a resource where we list local board game stores around the country so that you can easily access the stores in your area. I like to support small businesses, so if the store isn’t too far out of the way, I am certain the local board game shop will have a wide selection, and offer guidance on a game that is best for you and your family or group of friends.